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    Hello Everyone! First of all, THANKS for stopping by! I don't often get a chance to be in front of the camera, so I wanted to share a little bit about who I am while I have the chance :-) I am a chef, taxi driver, dry cleaner, teacher and mother to my 3 beautiful children. My family is my life and I am beyond blessed to be able to do what I love and still be able to be there for my children whenever they need me.

    Cherise Kiel Photography was founded in January 2009! I feel absolutely blessed to capture such important memories in my clients lives. To me, photography is more than just a picture, it's a moment captured in time. A priceless memory that we can relive over and over every time we look at that image. I truly love what I do and I am honored to be able to capture such important parts of your life!

Milana 1st birthday ~ Peoria Arizona Child Photographer

I can’t believe it’s been a year already!  It seems like just yesterday that this little princess was a tiny little peanut in her daddy’s arms.  She has grown into a beautiful little lady and I even got some smiles this session!  I can’t wait to see her again but next time I do it will be as a big sister (no, there is no news, but I can’t wait).  Such a wonderful family and I have been blessed to be able to photograph them this year!

all 3

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Memphis Blu ~ Peoria Newborn Photographer


It seems like I’m getting the hang of this blogging thing ;-)  Is anyone else up late like I am?!  It seems like I get the most work done late at night and I couldn’t think of anyone cuter to spend it with then this little cutie!

Meet Memphis Blu!  Um, isn’t that the most perfect name!!!  and at just 7 days new, she is so beautiful and slept like a champ!!  She had the most precious little features and such beautiful lips!  Just sweet perfection!  I also photographed big sister during their maternity session, but she wasn’t too interested in being in the pictures, so we stuck with just Memphis!  I hope you enjoy!!!

Peoria newborn photographer
Peoria newborn photographer
Peoria newborn photographer
Peoria newborn photographer
Peoria newborn photographer
Peoria newborn photographer
Peoria newborn photographer
Peoria newborn photographer
Peoria newborn photographer

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Arizona Newborn Photography Workshop

Back in January I put on a 1 day newborn photography workshop here in Arizona!  I had several fabulous ladies meet me at my house and we had 2 beautiful newborns and 1 gorgeous maternity model to pose and learn from!

I feel so strongly that workshops are an amazing way to learn.  Nothing beats visual and/or hands on training.  I am also a huge advocate for newborn photography safety.  There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of a photograph.  Much more then what you see in the final image.  In fact, a lot of the final images are composites and are achieved by melding together several different images to achieve the final product!  In our workshops I teach safety, posing, lighting, editing, marketing, posing, working with the parents, soothing and much more!

You can check out more of my work and my 2014 workshop tour dates at

A special thank you to my attendees for these behind the scenes shots!!  And the final images are by me:-)

Lirio_20140110_230949AZ workshop
Lirio_20140111_011056AZ workshop
Lirio_20140111_012546AZ workshop
Lirio_20140111_015654AZ workshop
Lirio_20140111_034915AZ workshop

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kiel rucker - beautiful. beautiful. beautiful.

I’m a wedding photographer but you make me want to start shooting more newborns! If i’m ever in the area I’ll have to try to make it to a workshop!

keep it up,

PS…I think I first saw you come up on face book when I accidentally put MY name in the search field…happy mistakes ;)

Cassandra - I love your work, I’ve been a fan for awhile but I’m concerned for the first image in this post. I love naked baby pictures but that one you can clearly see private areas :( but seriously you do amazing work

admin - thank you Cassandra! I appreciate you concern, but I looked and I don’t see anything :-) I see his little tushie and his 2 feet :-)

admin - that is awesome, lol! And I travel all over the country teaching workshops so maybe there would be one closer to you then just here in AZ :-) I would love to meet you!

Baby Jake 9 days new ~ Peoria Newborn Photographer

Hello Hello!!

It’s been a long tim since I posted last, lol!  This year I am determined to stay caught up and to blog every shoot!

And the 1st of the year is a CUTIE!  Meet Jacob! Just 9 days new and so perfect:-) He is adorable and was such a good sleeper for me.  And lucky for you, he is also one of my baby planners so you will be seeing more of his cuteness at 6 months and for his 1st birthday!

And one of the perks of enduring 100*+ temps in the summertime is being able to shoot outdoors in January.  Dad wanted to include his mustang into his session since it will one day be his.  I LOVED the idea and had so much fun shooting a newbie outdoors! 

Phoenix newborn
Phoenix newborn
Phoenix newborn
Phoenix newborn
Phoenix newborn
Phoenix newborn
Phoenix newborn
Phoenix newborn
Phoenix newborn
Phoenix newborn
Phoenix newborn with car
Phoenix newborn with car
Phoenix newborn with car
outdoor Phoenix newborn
oudoor Phoenix newborn
oudoor Phoenix newborn
oudoor Phoenix newborn

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Custom White Balance ~ My take

Hello Hello Everyone!!!

I often get asked if I use custom WB and if I do, how do I do it?  Well,  hopefully this post will offer a little incite into how I get those beautiful tones/colors SOOC (straight out of the camera).  Now remember, just like anything to do with photography, there are a million ways to do white balance.  This is just my take and what personally works for me :-)  By taking the extra 5 minutes to set this up prior to my newborn sessions, it saves me TONS of time behind the computer :-)  I only do custom WB during my newborn sessions where my lighting is consistent and I am not switching the direction of where I am shooting.

So without further ado, here is my workflow for Custom WB:-)

I start off with getting my background set up.  This set up is in my living room and at about a 45* angle to the large window camera right.

After I have my setup the way I want it, I get my photovision calibration target (purchased off of and place it where my subject will be.  I want to shoot this target in the same light that my subject will be in.  that will give me the most accurate WB information and color.  The image on the right is what i want to capture with my camera.  I want to fill the entire frame with the target and try to get equal parts of each color.  I do this before I make any changes to my camera (so my camera is still set to AWB).

After I get this image captured I do the following:

I get into my menu and find the custom WB option and select it.

Then it will ask you to select the image you would like to use.  Make sure the image of your target is selected.  Then select OK.  It will then tell you to set your WB to the custom setting.

then go to the top of the camera and hit your WB button.  Then use the wheel on the back of the camera to scroll through your options until you get to the custom WB icon.

then hit set and you are good to start shooting!!  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!!  Now, canon tends to be a little warm and I particularly like that.  But if you do this setup and expose correctly, your babies skin tones and backdrops should be just about spot on!!

Left is AWB and the right image is after I did the above steps and set my camera to CWB

yellow can be a touch color, but this makes it soooo easy:-)

It is important to remember that if you change your lighting setup (the location you are shooting at) the WB will most likely change with it.  That is why I only do this for my newborns because I am shooting in the same lighting situation the whole session.

Feel free to ask any questions and I hope that this really helps anyone who has had problems with this!!!  AND in case you were wondering, I am using my STUDIO BABY posing bag, traveler size and the new butterfly positioner to position my subjects :-)  They are WONDERFUL products and I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them!!!  Be sure to check out her FB as well to stay updated on sales and discounts and tell her I said hi!:-)

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Haidi Edwards - Great tutorial, thank you! I love your model. He’s cute! :)

Haidi Edwards - Oh and I LOVE your work, too. :)

Wendy - Thank you so much for this little tutorial. I dont shoot newborns at the moment.. but this is great information.

admin - You are very welcome!!!

admin - Awww, Thanks!!!!

admin - HAHA! He was the only one i could find, lol!! He slept like a champ :-)

Kelly Reithmeyer - Thank you so much! I have had the hardest time with my new backdrops and its been so upsetting! I am going to test this out tomorrow! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

admin - You are sooo welcome!! I hope it helps!!

Alice - Thank you for this! I am a photography student and am having a HORRID time. My white balance is always off and I have had no clue on how to set a custom one. I am going to try this and hopefully it helps!! Thanks!

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