Arizona Newborn Photography Workshop

Back in January I put on a 1 day newborn photography workshop here in Arizona!  I had several fabulous ladies meet me at my house and we had 2 beautiful newborns and 1 gorgeous maternity model to pose and learn from!

I feel so strongly that workshops are an amazing way to learn.  Nothing beats visual and/or hands on training.  I am also a huge advocate for newborn photography safety.  There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of a photograph.  Much more then what you see in the final image.  In fact, a lot of the final images are composites and are achieved by melding together several different images to achieve the final product!  In our workshops I teach safety, posing, lighting, editing, marketing, posing, working with the parents, soothing and much more!

You can check out more of my work and my 2014 workshop tour dates at

A special thank you to my attendees for these behind the scenes shots!!  And the final images are by me 🙂

Lirio_20140110_230949AZ workshop
Lirio_20140111_011056AZ workshop
Lirio_20140111_012546AZ workshop
Lirio_20140111_015654AZ workshop
Lirio_20140111_034915AZ workshop

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kiel rucker - beautiful. beautiful. beautiful.

I’m a wedding photographer but you make me want to start shooting more newborns! If i’m ever in the area I’ll have to try to make it to a workshop!

keep it up,

PS…I think I first saw you come up on face book when I accidentally put MY name in the search field…happy mistakes 😉

Cassandra - I love your work, I’ve been a fan for awhile but I’m concerned for the first image in this post. I love naked baby pictures but that one you can clearly see private areas 🙁 but seriously you do amazing work

admin - thank you Cassandra! I appreciate you concern, but I looked and I don’t see anything 🙂 I see his little tushie and his 2 feet 🙂

admin - that is awesome, lol! And I travel all over the country teaching workshops so maybe there would be one closer to you then just here in AZ 🙂 I would love to meet you!

H o w   t o   B o o k