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  • A little about me :-)

    Hello Everyone! First of all, THANKS for stopping by! I don't often get a chance to be in front of the camera, so I wanted to share a little bit about who I am while I have the chance :-) I am a chef, taxi driver, dry cleaner, teacher and mother to my 3 beautiful children. My family is my life and I am beyond blessed to be able to do what I love and still be able to be there for my children whenever they need me.

    Cherise Kiel Photography was founded in January 2009! I feel absolutely blessed to capture such important memories in my clients lives. To me, photography is more than just a picture, it's a moment captured in time. A priceless memory that we can relive over and over every time we look at that image. I truly love what I do and I am honored to be able to capture such important memories for you and your families!!

Custom White Balance ~ My take

Hello Hello Everyone!!!

I often get asked if I use custom WB and if I do, how do I do it?  Well,  hopefully this post will offer a little incite into how I get those beautiful tones/colors SOOC (straight out of the camera).  Now remember, just like anything to do with photography, there are a million ways to do white balance.  This is just my take and what personally works for me 🙂  By taking the extra 5 minutes to set this up prior to my newborn sessions, it saves me TONS of time behind the computer 🙂  I only do custom WB during my newborn sessions where my lighting is consistent and I am not switching the direction of where I am shooting.

So without further ado, here is my workflow for Custom WB 🙂

I start off with getting my background set up.  This set up is in my living room and at about a 45* angle to the large window camera right.

After I have my setup the way I want it, I get my photovision calibration target (purchased off of and place it where my subject will be.  I want to shoot this target in the same light that my subject will be in.  that will give me the most accurate WB information and color.  The image on the right is what i want to capture with my camera.  I want to fill the entire frame with the target and try to get equal parts of each color.  I do this before I make any changes to my camera (so my camera is still set to AWB).

After I get this image captured I do the following:

I get into my menu and find the custom WB option and select it.

Then it will ask you to select the image you would like to use.  Make sure the image of your target is selected.  Then select OK.  It will then tell you to set your WB to the custom setting.

then go to the top of the camera and hit your WB button.  Then use the wheel on the back of the camera to scroll through your options until you get to the custom WB icon.

then hit set and you are good to start shooting!!  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!!  Now, canon tends to be a little warm and I particularly like that.  But if you do this setup and expose correctly, your babies skin tones and backdrops should be just about spot on!!

Left is AWB and the right image is after I did the above steps and set my camera to CWB

yellow can be a touch color, but this makes it soooo easy 🙂

It is important to remember that if you change your lighting setup (the location you are shooting at) the WB will most likely change with it.  That is why I only do this for my newborns because I am shooting in the same lighting situation the whole session.

Feel free to ask any questions and I hope that this really helps anyone who has had problems with this!!!  AND in case you were wondering, I am using my STUDIO BABY posing bag, traveler size and the new butterfly positioner to position my subjects 🙂  They are WONDERFUL products and I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them!!!  Be sure to check out her FB as well to stay updated on sales and discounts and tell her I said hi! 🙂

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Haidi Edwards - Great tutorial, thank you! I love your model. He’s cute! 🙂

Haidi Edwards - Oh and I LOVE your work, too. 🙂

Wendy - Thank you so much for this little tutorial. I dont shoot newborns at the moment.. but this is great information.

Kelly Reithmeyer - Thank you so much! I have had the hardest time with my new backdrops and its been so upsetting! I am going to test this out tomorrow! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Love Letters

In honor of Valentines Day, I thought that I would share some of the lovely words that my clients had to say about their pictures and their experiences with Cherise Kiel Photography.

My clients are so important to me and many of them have become friends of mine as I document all of the major events in their lives.  I am so blessed to be able to do what I love and be able to support my family at the same time!  Without all of your love, support and trust, I would not be where I am today and for that I thank you from the bottom of my HEART!  Happy Valentines Day and I hope you realize just how special you are!!

Kayla & Jared

When I was younger, I use to tell myself that I would never want to marry a military man because of all the time apart involved. Little to my knowledge with this mindset, I fell in love with my best friend, who is an officer in the U.S. Army. I had the privilege of having Cherise Kiel Photography take our engagement and wedding pictures, in which she captured all the perfect moments of the day I married my best friend.
The inevitable came and he was deployed for nine months. During this deployment, I contacted Cherise to take boudoir photos for my husband to give him a special treat. Just like for my engagement and wedding pictures, Cherise was very professional while making me feel calm, comfortable and beautiful during the entire process. She is incredibly talented and has an amazing eye to use all the colors and light in every setting.
While my husband was deployed, having my engagement and wedding pictures to look at really helped heal and comfort my lonely heart. Cherise’s talent to capture valuable moments during special events in my life allowed me to treasure the love my husband and I share. Cherise has always exceeded my expectations and amazed me with her incredible work. I look forward to having Cherise capture future moments that my husband and I will share, as I know she will perfectly.
Kayla and Jared

Erini & Adam

    My fiance and I have been privileged to have Cherise be our photographer for our engagement and our wedding (Which is coming up:) ) During our engagement session, she really captured the love we share for one another, our happiness and our personalities. I cannot express how excited I am, and looking forward to see the love and emotion that she captures in our special day; the beginning of our happily ever after.
Adam and I met 5 years ago through a friend. I was living here in AZ, and he was on deployment in Iraq. After a year of talking on the phone, we finally met in person. Adam was head over heels (as he should be lol!), and although I had strong feelings for him, I was a little scared. I pushed Adam away, and distanced myself. Then, unknown to one another, we each signed up for E-Harmony, and what do you know, we were matched. However, we didn’t go on a date because I closed out my match to him. We saw one another often because of our mutual friend, and I could not help but think about him constantly. I kept thinking I had made a mistake, and that everything I ever wanted in a significant other, I let go. I knew that if I ever had the opportunity again to be with him, I would jump on it in a heartbeat. Adam asked me to go to lunch, we met at the place we had our very first date 3 years before, and we have been inseparable ever since. He is my best friend, the fairytale I always dreamed would come true, and the answer to all my prayers to find the “perfect” man. I was told that my idea of the “perfect man” was non-existent (surprisingly by the friend who set us up), but after patiently waiting and not settling, I have everything I could ever want, and our love continues to grow stronger everyday.
 I can’t wait for Cherise to capture such a milestone in our life, and God willing, a few other milestones as well 😉 I know how much she loves her newborn shoots!. lol! Thank you Cherise for sharing the beauty in your talent, and capturing all those emotions and feelings that most of us just don’t have the words to express!
Erini M.

The Clark Family

I am amazed at the beautiful work done. You have such a natural talent which seems to bring the natural beauty out in everything. The cute smiles or serious expressions are all captured in your photography. No matter what the situation there are always beautiful memories created by you. I have had many pictures taken of family, babies, and events; however nothing has ever captured the true feelings of the moment. You have a God given talent and have certainly learned how to use it. You are sharing your talent with so many when you conduct the workshops and are always open to ideas and new creations. I love your work and all you do.

Nena Clark

The Johansen Family

Cherise has been “our family photographer” since 2009 and has helped us capture the most special moments in our lives, from our engagement to our wedding, the joy of our first child, and her upcoming 1st birthday.  Cherise is always professional and caring throughout the scheduling and booking process, and bring such a fun energy to the sessions.  Her careful attention to detail and the amount of care she puts into every single image is obvious when you see the finished product.  Most of the walls in my home are covered with Cherise Kiel Photography captured images of my family, and I continuously receive comments on how beautiful the photos are.

I recommend Cherise to everyone I know (and sometimes people I don’t know), and I look forward to continuing to share our growing family with Cherise and receive beautiful photos that we can cherish forever!

Tyler and Jessica Johansen

The Heistan Family

Thank you so much for the amazing job you did on our newborn pictures of Ivan Matthew.  They are absolutely priceless and we will cherish them forever.  I know I have told you probably a thousand times how amazing your work is, but I am saying it again. It’s AMAZING! We waited years for Ivan and capturing all his special milestones is so important to us and we would not just trust anyone to take his pictures.  You capture so much more than just photos. These are memories and stories that we will have forever. Even as I type this I get teary eyed thinking about how special these pictures are to us. Ivan is so special to us and you made us feel like he was just as special to you. We have never had such stunning photos.  Everything was just perfect from the photos to the baby announcements to the books.  His big picture in the glasses and bow tie is the focal point of our family room and everyone that sees it is in awe of your work.  You truly are incredible and your patience is unbelievable. The time you put into taking some of his poses without frustration was so impressive. You will be our forever photographer, so you can’t ever move away!!  Thank you again for capturing our precious little one, well maybe not so little chunky monkey.

Thanks again,

Robin and Matt Heistan


The Saldana Family

My photos taken by you mean more then words can express. This past year I lost both my parents to Cancer two days apart. It was the most horrible, challenging and emotional time in my life. After dealing with all that came with losing a loved one we moved to Az and two months later found out we were expecting. It was a total surprise but at the same time it was a blessing to have something else to think about besides the sadness and pain. And Thanks to you and your talent we have some amazing pictures of our growing family and the Blessing of our newest baby girl Mila Emma that I named after my mom. She was born in December and after losing my parents in Feb 2012 Mila Emma was my Calm after the storm and my joy after so much sorrow.    Being an only child was never an issue for me until I lost my parents. Because that is when I realized that if it wasn’t for my Amazing husband and kids I would of not had the love, laughter and tears of joy after such a hard time. So my Love letter is for my parents that they may watch over me, but especially their grandkids and enjoy watching them grow from above.

From your loving daughter that misses you both every minute of everyday.


The Rost Family

Having our “Princess” was a long painful journey. My pregnancy before Kaitlynn resulted in a uterine rupture and the loss of our baby girl Kathrynn on my 36th birthday. I was 20 weeks pregnant.  I was not expected to survive, let alone be able to have another child. It was so scary for all of us once I got to 20 weeks. In May 2012, our Princess arrived 5 weeks early. She was happy and healthy and so am I.  She truly is our miracle baby and the love of our lives!!

Having Cherise capture Kaitlynn’s first Halloween was such a wonderful experience! Cherise was able to get the most beautiful pictures of “Cinderella”
And her proud big brother, “ninja”! They were absolutely adorable! I love taking pictures and even I can’t capture the “moments” that professional photogs do!

We will cherish the memories forever that Cherise captured!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The Rost Family

Thank you again for allowing me into your lives!!  I love you all and can’t wait for a great 2013!!!

Cherise Kiel

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Baby Kosta { 6 weeks } | Scottsdale Newborn Photographer

Hello Everyone!!  I hope you all are having a GREAT weekend.  I know mine has gotten better, looking at this little man all evening 🙂

I got an email from Baby Kosta’s parents, wanting to schedule a newborn session.  When I asked how old he was, they said about 6 weeks.  Honestly, I get a little nervous when my “newborns” are older, and I know it doesn’t sound old, but 6 weeks in the newborn world is ancient, lol!  Photographing an older baby brings on a whole new list of challenges 🙂  They typically don’t sleep, and if they do, they don’t like to be posed.  BUT, as we all know, all newborns are different!!  And baby Kosta slept like a champ!!!  He woke up for just a little while and then went back to sleep after a good feeding.  His parents were awesome and love this little man so much!!  I can’t wait to photograph him throughout the coming year as he is one of our Baby Planners also!!  Welcome to the world baby Kosta!!  I’m so glad I had a chance to meet you!!

Hats by Butterflies-N-Rainbows


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Stephenie Piekarski - Sending a little love and admiration on these amazing photos. I especially love the Bed scene with the teddy bear. AMAZING light there!

As always, incredible work!

Reena - oh my!! adorable!! I love the one on the little bed….beautiful family!

The Iverson Family | Phoenix Family Photographer

So I LOVE photographing Family and Friends!  The sessions are so much more relaxed and we always have tons of fun!  I have know Deanna for over 15 years, so I was thrilled when she asked me to photograph her adorable family!!  Our original location to shoot as was closed, so  I did a little exploring in the immediate area and came up with a super cute location.  We also did the shoot 1st thing in the morning, which is 2nd best to sunset light.  It was a little chilly, but some bribing almost always does the trick to get little ones to cooperate.  Since it was a little chilly in the morning we worked fast to make sure the little boys didn’t get too cold. At the same time, Deanna and Brian were celebrating their 10 year anniversary so we made sure to capture some extra shots of the two of them to remember this milestone!!

Deanna and Brian, I had tons of fun with you and your boys and thank you for being so flexible with my location change, lol!  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them!!  Can’t wait to do it again 🙂


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Ariana - I really love your work! I was just wondering where this awesome location is?! It looks beautiful.

Kimberly Williams - I would like to schedule some family photos but inside. This weekend if possible. .please contact me.

1:1 Mentoring Session| Precious Beginnings Newborn Workshop

This last Friday I was lucky enough to have a wonderful photographer drive up from Tucson to learn a little more about newborn photography with my 1:1 mentoring sessions that I offer.  Reena headed up “north” early in the morning and was here at 9am ready to learn!  We had 2 wonderful newborn models and 1 beautiful maternity model join us during the day.  It was really a GREAT mentoring session and Reena was fabulous!  We discussed newborn posing, safety, wrapping, soothing, pricing, marketing and post processing.  The day seemed to go by super fast but it was a wonderful mentoring session and I hope that Reena learned a lot!!

Thank you sooooo much Reena for coming up and allowing me to spend the day with you!  I hope you learned a lot and I can’t wait to see your business grow!!  You are awesome, and don’t forget it!!  If you are in the Tucson, be sure to check her out at 27 Wishes Photography!!

If you are interested in attending one of my newborn workshops or doing a 1:1 mentoring session with me, please check out my page at    Precious Beginnings Newborn Workshop for more information 🙂

In the mean time, check out these super cute image from our day!!


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Newborn and Maternity Mentoring Session with Cherise Kiel Photography » [27 Wishes] Photography by Reena Giola | Tucson and Vail Arizona Maternity, Newborn, Senior, Family and Pet Photographer - […] I left early in the morning and drove up to Surprise, Arizona to do a 1:1 mentoring session with Cherise Kiel Photography (Precious Beginnings Newborn Workshops) so that I could get more experience working with newborns and learn some tips/techniques that I […]

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